I wanted to start this section by saying how much I respect the position of a For Sale By Owner (FSBO). I also applaud any one who is successful in selling their house on their own.

I say this because I see how many times a house is shown before the right buyer comes along. I know what kind of advertising and marketing it takes to even get those buyers interested in a particular home. Advertising can be very expensive and it comes out of your pocket upfront (before the sale).

The most common feedback that I receive from FSBO's is: "we don't want to pay a real estate commission". This form of thinking leads me to believe that most FSBO's don't know what we do to earn our commission.

Selling a home is a job, just like any other. We earn our money by working hard, just as I'm sure you do.

Things that are included in a real estate commission:

Marketing/Advertising (which will make up usually more than 1% of the commission)
Showing the Property
Pre-Qualifying Buyers
Writing/Presenting Offers
Making it Available to over 900 Agents in the board (Who are usually currently working with buyers for your house)
Representing Your Best Interests-legally and ethically

I feel that we at Keaty Real Estate have the best tools available to sell your home quickly, conveniently, and for the highest price possible.

I am more than willing to provide any paperwork that you may need to sell your home (Louisiana specific purchase agreements and the newest property disclosures). This is a free service to the public and these documents are available in the Forms section of the home page.

In most cases I can negotiate reduced commission rates!! Call for a quote today!!
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